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SINCE 1950

Lokstad Products


Lokstad Products has a long history of crafting the finest handmade rolling pins on the market and it all began with a farmer named John Lokstad. John’s parents moved from Norway and helped pioneer the small town of Newfolden, MN where they settled and raised eight children. John carved his first rolling pin in 1950 in his 24'x16' shop on his childhood farm in Newfolden and it is now a 3rd generation family-owned business.



Each Lokstad rolling pin is crafted one at a time on the same machinery that founder John Lokstad created back in 1950. It all started when John bought a lathe from a woman that told him it would be good enough to make rolling pins. John later used that lathe to craft a single rolling pin for the woman and the buzz began. Neighbors soon heard of this one-of-a-kind pin and requested John make more for the community bakers, and there Lokstad Products was born.

As the demand grew, so did John’s creativity. He couldn’t just walk into a hardware store and order a rolling pin factory so he had to be innovative. John made modifications to the equipment he already owned and also built new equipment sometimes searching the junk yard for the materials he needed. One machine even includes parts from a vacuum cleaner, phonograph, a Studebaker, and a Model T Ford.


After John's death in 1994, his nephew David Lokstad wanted to keep the legacy of Lokstad products alive. Despite being a farmer and a rural mail carrier, he and his wife Judy worked hard to continue keeping the business operational while also raising seven children. A special thank you for their hard work and sacrifice!

John’s original equipment was moved by his family and is now housed in the Heritage Products shop in Jenkins, MN where the Lokstad name and products live on. John was truly a remarkable man and his attention to detail and craftsmanship is still present in every pin created today.





When you purchase a Lokstad pin, you receive a piece of handmade history. From the carefully selected maple wood to the iconic red handles, a Lokstad pin is nothing like any other pin on earth. Lokstad pins are 100% wood with no metal or plastic parts that can rust or break which is why a lifetime guarantee accompanies each masterpiece. It is truly something that every baker of every generation can appreciate.

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